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My Fangirl Life Rating System

Here on My Fangirl Life we talk about a lot of things. Most of these things are geeky or nerdy or fandom related… and if they’re not, we have a special way of making them seem like they are. Sometimes we are talking lifestyle, with beauty or fashion or cooking. And sometimes we are reacting, with recaps or over-analysis or reviews. We want to give you, dear reader, helpful information.

When discussing something new, whether it is new to the world (like a movie that’s just been released) or new to us (like a band that the UK is freaking out over but North America has yet to embrace), we have a natural tendency to provide a running colour commentary of our thoughts and feelings. But is that good enough to help you (the busy, hardworking individual that you are) decide what is worth your time & what is not?

In case it is not, we have developed an empirical rating system that will clearly define how good anything is (in the eye of our MFL writers). We’ve made it out of ten to provide full reviewing mobility.  But what will we review/rate with??? How about the most fangirl thing out there: Feels! And how does one demonstrate reviews out of 10 Feels? With emojis of course!

Why don’t I give you an example?

I give My Fangirl Life…
10 out of 10 Feels: ??????????

This system gives the added bonus of showing what the feels are! Unlike something standard, like stars, you can see the progression of how that movie/music/books/tv show/etc. will make you feel. Sweet!

Now go forth and read. Clicking the banner below will take you to the full range of My Fangirl Life reviews. You can start deciding: Is that TV show worth the binge-watching time? Is that movie worth the price of popcorn? Is that shop worth a browse? Or is that concert worth leaving the house for?